The Galleon Ship Pool
Imagine a galleon in the midst of a 1,000 sq. m. pool!
Get aboard the ship, slide down it’s “oars”, and delight in the clear blue waters of the pool.

The Covered Pool
Want the swim but not the tan?
The Covered Pool’s for you! Swim above them all — the pool gives an over-looking view of Metro Manila. Plus danicing lights when you night-swim

The Island Kiddie Pool
Fun with kids by day, romantic by night. Mushroom Showers to tickle you while you swim. The Pink Boardwalk to stroll on or where you simply watch the fun.

The 2-in-1 Multi-Level Pool
From the lower level pool, watch fellow swimmers through the glass sidings of the upper level pool! Or feel the excitement of the 100 ft. tall winding slide. Exhilarating fun by day. Shimmering by night.

The Scenic Private Pool
A beautiful medium-sized deep pool, fenced for your exclusive use.
With mushroom showers and trellis for your added pleasure!

The Private Pool with Jacuzzi
If you want privacy for a party of two or a family of thirty, this one’s for you! With furnished air-conditioned cottage and nipa huts to picnic in.

Well-trained lifeguards occupy strategic positions in the pool areas for your swimming safety and protection.

Souvenir Shop
Collect delightful memories of Grotto Vista via fun hats and sunvisors, t-shirts, towels and such.